Nepal Out From ACC T20 Eastern Region -

Nepal Out From ACC T20 Eastern Region

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Nepal has been eliminated one game ahead of the ACC T20 Aian Eastern Region. in today’s match, with the Singapore win over Hong Kong,  Nepal’s chances of being in the top two have ended before one match remains.

If Hong Kong beat Singapore today, Nepal had little hope. But when Singapore defeated Hong Kong by 16 runs, that hope of Nepal ended.

For Nepal, Hong Kong needs to beat Singapore and in the last game, Nepal needs to beat Singapore and  Hong Kong needs to beat Malaysia. In which case Nepal could have beaten Singapore by a huge margin. But after the Singapore victory, all the equations have ended.

Nepal had lost two matches with Malaysia in the first game by 22 runs and 43 runs withHong Kong in the second game. Coming into the third game, Nepal added 9 wicket victory over weaker team Thailand.

But within four hours of that, sad news came to Nepal. In which, Singapore batted first and scored 168 runs with the loss of  5 wickets in 20 overs. Tim David scored 58 runs for him while Surendra Chandra Mohan scored 32 runs and Siddharth Singh scored 17.  Similarly, Manpreet Singh contributed 42 runs.

In reply, Hong Kong lost eight wickets in 20 overs and was stopped at 152 runs.

James John Atkinson scored 50 runs for the team while Shahid Wasif scored 17 runs and Kinchit Shah scored14 runs. But the rest of his players were out without making double-digit runs scores. In the bowling, Singapore’s Ananth Krishna, Ahan Achar, and Aryaman Sunil took two wickets each.

with this win, Singapore has almost reached the top two positions in Singapore ACC T20. He will now play his last game with Nepal.

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